Optical Encoders
Optical encoders

The M-DRO range of optical linear encoders are ideal for machine tools used within engineering workshops, toolrooms and inspection laboratories. Offering the quality and performance expected but at an affordable price.

Group of optical encoders

The MD40 slim optical available with reading lengths between 70mm and 420mm. A smaller profile encoder ideal for limited space applications, including the cross slide on a lathe or smaller milling machines.

The MD60 standard optical available with reading lengths between 70mm and 1020mm. An optical scale for common linear measurement applications on machine tools and inspection equipment.

The MD80 Long optical long length encoders for machines with travels 1000mm and 3000mm.

  Optical Encoders

Linear optical encoders are comprised of an aluminium extruded beam enclosing a glass scale. The glass scale has a series of fine graduations, typically only a 20um grating. The reading head carriage also has a second glass grating, a light source passes through both gratings and a series of optical sensors detect and count the graduations.

A flexible lip seal between the reading head and beam prevents the ingress of dust, swarf and cutting fluids during operation.

MD Series Optical Encoders Dimensions

DRO Diagram


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