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The M-DRO range of adaptor cables and interfaces to allow simple replacement of damaged/ faulty existing equipment for most DRO manufacturers. Most adaptors plug directly in line with no modifications to the existing equipment, keeping both the console and encoders standard. This allows for easy upgrade to M-DRO equipment should another part need replacing in the future.

Group of DRO consoles

The consoles come in a selection of single, 2 axis, 3 axis and 4 axis versions. An axis summing interface can also be installed to combine two encoder outputs, for example the quill and knee travel.

MDC700 Mill Consoles functions include mm/inch, PCD, line of holes, 200 SDM zero memory, arc contouring and incline milling

MDC700 Lathe Consoles functions include mm/inch, tool offsets, taper measure and 200 SDM zero memory. Axis summing on 3 axis model.

  Easson DRO Console

The M-DRO console range features the latest SMD processor technology and manufacturing processes, to ensure reliability. A switch mode PSU offers a high level of efficiency and self-contianed module within the console housing. The console keypad uses a PCB mount switch, to give a long reliable life rather than a conductive membrane.

MDC 700 Display Console Dimensions

DRO Diagram


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