Dedicated DRO Kits for Lathes

Designed to streamline installation and ensure compatibility across various machine configurations. Each product includes a user-friendly UK-written manual with detailed, full-colour, step-by-step installation guides for straightforward setup. Our encoders offer flexibility, allowing them to be cut to length to accommodate different machine variants seamlessly. Compact and coolant-proof, our magnetic encoders are sealed to IP67 standards, ensuring reliability even in harsh workshop conditions. For enhanced usability on lathes, our MDC720 display consoles feature intuitive interfaces and dedicated functions such as radius or diameter display, tool offsets, and taper measurement capabilities.

Universal Lathe DRO Kits

Universal digital readout packages suitable for a wide range of milling machines or lathes when a dedicated kit is not available. EH Series magnetic encoders, compact and sealed to IP67. A wide range of encoder travel lengths available up to 15 meters. Cut to length encoders and universal aluminium bracket system which can be easily adapted

Adaptor Cables & Interfaces

Our adaptor cables allow replacement of either the existing console or encoders with M-DRO equipment. A direct in-line adaptor cable, simple to install.

The summing Interface combines the output of two encoders into a single output.